Socialike integrates paid campaigns as part of your wider digital marketing strategy to deliver business outcomes at all layers of the sales funnel. Our paid campaigns find your customers and bring them to you with awareness, conversion and retargeting campaigns. From Facebook to Google and over 500 display platforms, we’re able to support your growth with relevant business outcomes.

Paid Campaign Strategy

The customer journey & sales cycle are the base of a great strategy

Socialike starts by looking at the customer journey & sales cycle so we can develop a strategy that delivers high converting campaigns with maximum engagement & ROI from your media spend through all display platforms where your customer is.

Be Everywhere Your Customers Are

Campaigns delivered to your customers - across top websites, social & beyond

Socialike has access to over 500 digital campaign placements including the largest web & social platforms. We leverage the scale and targeting capabilities of our media buying partners to put your brand front & centre & reach your customers where they are, increasing reach & visibility, across channels & devices.

Paid Campaign Optimisation

Campaigns aren’t set & forget

Socialike knows the importance of optimising campaigns to deliver business outcomes, that’s why we continue to manage your paid campaigns from start to finish with optimisations that ensure they’re producing optimal business outcomes.