B2B Marketing


Effectively marketing your Business

B2B marketing is different to B2C Marketing.

We use inbound marketing to help demonstrate to your customers why you’re great at what you do and how they’ll benefit from a relationship with you.

Creating rich educational content is core to a good inbound marketing strategy for service businesses that are wanting to grow. A graphic designer, a lawyer and a nutritionist all do very different things but they each have skills and knowledge that benefit their customers.

We’ll show people why you’re great. We’ll create a strategy that showcases your skills in just the right way to make people take notice, ask questions and feel delighted with your attention to detail.

Our focus on educational content stems from what we see makes service businesses unique.

You’re the product

Instead of showing people why a product is great, you’re showing them why you have skills that could help them. This can often mean a bigger price tag.

Purchase process

You have a purchase process that’s relationship based and research heavy.
Your skills aren’t tangible. People easily question you unless you provide them with clear evidence of your results. Your higher price tag also means that people often want to speak with someone to ask questions. 


For the two reasons above, your customer lifecycle is longer. This means that holding people’s interest is something you need to make sure you’ve got a plan for or they might convince themselves that they don’t need your service.

How We Do B2B Marketing


Like any good marketing strategy, we aim to increase brand awareness and website traffic through a focus on content and paid advertising to get you noticed.

Because we want to show potential customers why you’re great at what you do, we make sure your content demonstrates that you’re a knowledgeable source who can help get them the results they need.

We’ll also help promote webinars, videos and other educational material that gets you noticed.



Once people know who you are, we’ll help you create marketing automation and email marketing campaigns that send the right content at the right time to peak their interest.

We’ll also create strategies and tools, such as forms and conversion paths to help potential customers reach out to you. Allowing you to further educate them on how you’ll be able to help.



B2B relationships are often long term. They’re also sometimes more personal as you’re selling people your skills instead of your product.

Showing your customers you care is important to creating a successful partnership. We’ll help you keep people satisfied by making sure you’re speaking to them at the right points in your relationship with them and getting feedback on how to improve it.




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