COVID-19 Policy

Version Number 1.1
24 November, 2021


Vaccination is one of the most successful public health interventions of the past 200 years. The low incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases across New Zealand attests to the effectiveness of immunisation services, programmes and policies. Since the introduction of routine immunisations across the globe in the 1950s, death or disability from vaccine-preventable diseases has reduced dramatically.

A safe and effective vaccine is one important part of keeping the community safe and healthy. This means we must continue to apply other COVID-19 control measures such as physical distancing, recommended mask wearing, good hygiene and regular cleaning and maintenance, even with a vaccination available.



This Policy aims to provide our employees, suppliers and clients with consistency of protection against COVID-19 in Company Premises and other environments required for work. It is a reasonable additional control and assurance for our employees, suppliers and clients against exposure to COVID-19 and limiting transmission from our employees and suppliers to others. Vaccination is our best possible protection against the adverse impacts of COVID-19, including the potentially serious health impacts; on operational continuity and our business; disruptions to the service we provide to our clients; and its spread in circumstances where our employees and clients have contact and interact with each other and/or others, some of them vulnerable, on a regular basis.



This Policy applies to all New Zealand based employees, contractors and suppliers who have been engaged to provide services to Socialike Media Limited and its clients. This policy also applies to all New Zealand based clients who have engaged Socialike Media Limited to provide services.

This Policy applies subject to any government mandate and official government health advice relating to the COVID-19 vaccine.

To the extent that this Policy contains any obligation on the part of Socialike Media Limited, these are to be regarded as guidelines only, not contractual obligations or offers capable of acceptance, nor representations on which individuals should or may rely.



All individuals are responsible for familiarising themselves and complying with this Policy and for complying with the policy requirements. All individuals are also personally responsible for following the official New Zealand Government health advice and requirements in relation to COVID-19 including as this relates to vaccination.

Socialike Media Limited is responsible for managing procedures associated with ensuring that employees, contractors, suppliers, and clients are informed, understand and adhere to this Policy.


Getting The Vaccine

The New Zealand Government is responsible for testing, approving and administering the rollout and availability of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Socialike Media Limited acknowledges that there will be circumstances in which individuals may be advised to not receive the vaccine in their personal circumstances based on the official medical advice regarding approved COVID-19 vaccines. It may also be the case that individuals choose to not be vaccinated because of their religious or cultural beliefs or circumstances.

Balanced against those circumstances, Socialike Media Limited encourages all employees, contractors, suppliers and clients to be vaccinated with a New Zealand Government approved vaccine in line with medical advice appropriate for your specific circumstances. We consider it important that we are all playing a part in the global efforts to combat COVID-19, and the approved vaccination is one measure in this community response.


Specific Requirements

Whilst it is not mandatory to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, Socialike Media Limited is requesting that employees, contractors, suppliers and clients are vaccinated with a New Zealand Government approved vaccine.

All employees, and contractors are encouraged to receive the vaccine in line with medical advice. The vaccine is a condition to commence or continue performing work in person and to attend in person meetings and events held by Socialike Media Limited.

Employees and suppliers delivering an in person service for Socialike Media Limited will be required to receive the vaccine in line with medical advice. They will be requested to provide evidence that they have received the vaccine and to provide that evidence directly to clients if reasonably requested.

Clients are encouraged to receive the vaccine in line with medical advice. Full vaccination against COVID-19 is a condition to attend in person meetings and events held by Socialike Media Limited.

If you are concerned about the safety or effectiveness of the vaccine, we encourage you to do more research and reading from Unite Against COVID to make the most informed decision.


Electing to Not Be Vaccinated or Provide Proof of Vaccination

If you choose to not receive the vaccine or choose to not provide proof of having received the vaccine, you are entitled to do so. However, it may be that you are unable to work in person and attend in person meetings, events and activities, taking into account New Zealand Government requirements, medical guidance, and Socialike Media Limited’s health and safety obligations.

Socialike Media Limited will not be responsible for any disadvantage or loss any employee, supplier or client may suffer as a result of their lack of current full vaccination or failure to provide proof of the same.


Providing Proof Of Vaccination

Where necessary, we will request evidence that you have received approved COVID-19 vaccinations.

Appropriate evidence will be a scanning verifier legible copy of an official and current New Zealand Government confirmation issued once the approved COVID-19 vaccine has been fully administered in accordance with New Zealand Government guidelines.


Handling and Storage of Your Vaccination Information

Your vaccination information collected, used, and stored under this Policy will be handled respectfully and in accordance with all applicable laws.


Policy Review

This Policy has been prepared based on the advice and information provided by the New Zealand Government. However, given the changing nature of matters relating to COVID-19, you are responsible for ensuring that you follow public health advice issued by the relevant Government Authorities. This policy will be updated to reflect any changes, recommendations or updates made by the New Zealand Government.