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TikTok Trends You Need to Know 2022

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With over 1 billion active users, TikTok is dominating the social media space this year. However, like so many platforms, it's also constantly changing - from new features and algorithms to viral challenges and trending songs. To keep you up to speed with the latest TikTok happenings, we've put together a few of the key TikTok trends for 2022.



Everyone loves a good before and after. Content creators are posting photos and videos with distinct transformations of themselves or their environments, using everything from full-face makeovers to home renovations. Aside from being visually appealing, glow-ups are a great way to build engagement and maintain the attention of your audience as they watch for the 'wait for it' moment.

Try it for yourself: Showcase a glow-up of your brand, going from how it started to how it is now, or even film little clips of your before and after work outfits.


Getting vulnerable

Although TikTok is full of sass and sarcasm, being vulnerable is a big part of the platform's appeal, particularly with Gen Z, its main users. With such a distorted view of reality seen across the media landscape, users are looking for a space in which they can truly express themselves. It's pretty refreshing to see such honest content coming through, so we hope this 'trend' is here to stay!

Try it for yourself: Having a hard day? Create a video about how you're getting yourself through it. Struggling to juggle too many things? Talk about the importance of taking breaks and saying no.



Using nostalgia to capture engagement isn't new, but it's coming back around in a big way. From remixed versions of classic songs to fashion trends, nostalgia is everywhere you look, and TikTok is no exception. Users have been picking a specific era and reminiscing with photos, videos, and text. Although many of them probably weren't around during those time periods, some (the 60s for example) are definitely a vibe!

Try it for yourself: Pick an era and create videos based on that for a week. You can showcase food, dance moves, fashion, and even your industry from that time period.


Lip syncs

You've probably seen one of two of these types of videos around where users take an audio clip from a popular TV show, or even a line from a popular song, and add it to their own video, lip-syncing along. The key to these is getting your mouth movements 100% accurate so it looks as if you're actually saying it! You can get pretty creative here and use comedic timing to your advantage to get people engaged.

Try it for yourself: Choose a character from a popular TV show and 'be' them for the day, acting out what they would do in your position, lip-syncing quotes where you can.


Dance challenges

You could argue that TikTok's first claim to fame was dance challenges, and it seems like this is a trend that's going nowhere fast. This trend is a bit of a fun one to keep an eye on as the challenges evolve, from the unexpectedly suave toddler to the break-dancing grandma. A TikTok classic, we're excited to see what dance challenges are coming up next!

Try it for yourself: Get your entire team involved in creating a dance video for your TikTok channel - you never know, you might just go viral!


The evolution of TikTok is exciting to watch. With trends coming and going and users creating fun new content every day, you'll need to be creative, adaptable and flexible to keep up. If you could use some fresh ideas, get in touch! We love to chat all things social, so let's grab a coffee and get the creative juices flowing.