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5 red flags to look for when working with influencers

Head to any social media platform and influencers are out in full force, promoting products and showcasing their PR hauls. Influencer marketing has its place, but given that 63% of marketers have had an experience involving fake influencers, you need to...

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Instagram Rolls Out Their New Full-Screen Home Feed

In a bid to take on the social media behemoth that is TikTok, a few of the other social platforms are seriously rethinking their approach. Instagram in particular has just released a brand new full-screen Home feed that's giving us major TikTok vibes....

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5 of The Best Productivity Tips For Social Media Managers

Are you finding it hard to keep on top of everything as a social media manager? It can be difficult to stay productive, especially when most of your role requires you to be using apps that are designed to be distracting. To help you boost your...

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How to Sell Your Products On Instagram

The ability to showcase engaging visual content and provide an up close and personal look at products means Instagram is being used by many businesses to boost their sales. As with anything, it does take some savvy to get it right. If you've been trying...

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The Metaverse - What's All The Hype About?

Facebook's latest venture, the Metaverse, has been all over our feeds and newscasts, but what is it, exactly? And what's the hype? Given all the chatter about brands jumping on board, is it something you should be looking into for your business? We think...

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Changes to Instagram search function

Instagram recently announced that it plans to feature photos and videos more prominently in search results on the app. The update could show a grid of photos and videos related to the keyword search with results from accounts and hashtags, like how...

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6 Reasons to quit Facebook in 2021

On April 1, 2021 Socialike quit Facebook. We removed the tracking pixel from our website and deactivated our Facebook Page. These were big steps for a marketing agency to take but, we knew it was the right decision. So, is quitting Facebook in 2021 the...

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Getting The Most From Clubhouse

Heard of the new social media app Clubhouse?   Chances are you’ve heard of the app. Chances are that you’re not using it - yet.  Clubhouse, as its name suggests, is an app that’s (currently) about being part of an exclusive club.   Even if you’re not...

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Why you shouldn't rely on Facebook and Social Media

Planning on quitting Facebook? If you haven’t already, it’s likely that you’ve been thinking about it, or at least changed the way that you’re interacting with the platform.  Over half of Facebook users, ages 18 and older have altered the way that...

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