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How to Sell Your Products On Instagram

The ability to showcase engaging visual content and provide an up close and personal look at products means Instagram is being used by many businesses to boost their sales. As with anything, it does take some savvy to get it right. If you've been trying...

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Why customer retention is so important in eCommerce businesses

Generating new leads for your eCommerce business might be your focus, but retaining the customers you already have is just as important. Once a customer has made a purchase from you, they're familiar with your brand and your products and are well-primed...

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Socialike Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing For eCommerce Brands: Step by Step Guide

Are you wanting to grow your eCommerce brand? If so, mastering your lead nurturing is a must. Lead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with your leads throughout the buying process so they’re more inclined to buy from you, and...

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eCommerce Unboxing

7 tips for creating Outstanding eCommerce customer service

To run a successful eCommerce brand, you need to stand out from your competitors online. Competition is tough, but the best way to hold your own is to focus on what’s been at the core of successful brands for decades – great customer service. However,...

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Socialike Agency Experience

Choosing the Right eCommerce Agency

Choosing an eCommerce agency can feel like a daunting task. You have marketing goals, but you need to be able to trust the people who you hire to help you get there.

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eCommerce Marketing Budget: A How to Guide

If you’re running an eCommerce business, marketing is vital to your success. Great marketing gets people to your website, buying your product and becoming loyal customers.

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6 Marketing Ideas to Grow Your eCommerce Store

You’ve nailed your product. You’ve built your Shopify store. You’ve hit the “live” button. Now you just need to sit back and watch the sales roll in, right?

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Apple's iOS15 Could Impact Marketers and Email Marketing

If you hadnt heard, Apple has announced a new update for its iOS operating system which is set to shake up the world of email marketing.  The company made the announcement in early June and we can expect to see the update come anywhere from September...

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5 ecommerce SEO mistakes to avoid

Let’s set the scene: You’ve got a friend's party coming up. In a rush, you need a new pair of shoes. So, you do a quick Google search to try and find a pair that might work.

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Shopify for eCommerce

11 Reasons you should be using Shopify for eCommerce

If you’re running an eCommerce business, you’ll know there’s a whole lot to consider when you’re choosing which platform to use for it. Ecommerce is booming and expected to make up almost a quarter of global sales within the next few years. In fact,...

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