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Socialike is excited to announce that it’s one of the first TikTok Marketing Partners in New Zealand.

Being part of the TikTok Marketing Partner Programme means that we’re an approved agency with access to paid advertising placements on TikTok both in New Zealand and international markets.

Socialike works closely with account and partner managers at TikTok to support the delivery of paid ads for clients, ensuring campaigns are optimised towards achieving their goals.

The partnership also gives Socialike access to TikTok’s Creator MarketPlace. The Creator MarketPlaces allows Socialike to work with TikTok’s top creators from across the globe to create content for our clients, giving them content that resonates with their audience and goes beyond paid ads.

TikTok is a platform with over 800 million users globally, who spend about 52 minutes on the app everyday - nearly two thirds of the apps users are under 25.

Socialike is helping brands take advantage of the app’s buzz and ability to reach highly engaged Millennials and Gen Z’s through creating, optimizing, targeting and measuring ad campaigns on TikTok.

“This is a unique opportunity for brands and for us as a business to be at the forefront of TikTok marketing this side of the globe. We’re excited to help brands meaningfully engage with the TikTok community by facilitating creative storytelling on the platform.”, said Alex Ford, Chief Socialiser at Socialike.

“Traditional ads won't cut it on TikTok. Creating short, enjoyable, to-the-point content that doesn’t break up the user’s experiences is key to making an effective TikTok ad. We’ve seen the likes of Apple step away from their traditional advertising styles to create ads that resonate with the TikTok audience.”

“We’re looking forward to working with brands that want to be part of this early adoption to make the most of the platform by reaching their audience in new and unique ways that help them create the growth that they want in their business.”