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How to Sell Your Products On Instagram

The ability to showcase engaging visual content and provide an up close and personal look at products means Instagram is being used by many businesses to boost their sales. As with anything, it does take some savvy to get it right. If you've been trying to sell your products on the 'gram but aren't quite getting the results you want, here are some tips that might help.  

Take it back to basics

You might think you've absolutely got it down, but it's important to start at the beginning and make sure your Instagram profile is set up properly. When did you last update your profile picture? Is it in line with the aesthetic of your brand? And what about your bio - is all of the information still correct?

Take a good hard look to check the basics off - imagine it's your first time visiting your profile, is everything there that you'd want to know? Particularly for eCommerce profiles, your website needs to be front and centre and easy for people to visit with just a click.

Content is key

Now that you've fine-tuned the basics, it's time to evaluate your content. Is it visually appealing? What does your grid look like? Because Instagram is all about the visuals, you need to use high-quality professional photos across your product posts and any other content you're putting out there.

You can also look for inspiration in user-generated content. Many people posting on Instagram have creativity in spades, so tap into that and encourage your customers to share their purchases. Even if they aren't camera-savvy influencers, it'll be an interesting change in aesthetic and will leave those who haven't bought your products yet with extreme FOMO.

Make it shoppable

Once you've drawn in your audience with eye-catching imagery, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to get their hands on the goods. Any content that features product photos should be easily shoppable, so make sure it's tagged with the right link to purchase.

This should be the case for any stories too, especially now that Instagram is allowing link stickers to be added to stories by all users. Previously you needed at least 10,000 followers to access this tool - not an easy feat if you're just starting out!

Properly promote your products

Everything is looking good and ready to go, but rather than wait and see what happens, you should be actively promoting your products on the 'gram - and we don't just mean ads. Finessing your hashtag strategy is key to helping you reach a wider audience. To help you along, we've even put together a complete guide to using hashtags.

Of course, ads work well alongside a decent hashtag strategy too. Just remember not to rely solely on the Facebook ad creator to resize the images for stories and other placements. Create unique imagery that fits naturally in each placement when you're putting together the visuals for your posts. Because in-feed posts have quite different dimensions to stories, if you don't curate it, you'll end up with content that's stretched or cropped awkwardly - not a good look.

Try out these tips for selling your products on Instagram for yourself and watch your sales climb. If you’re not sure you're doing it right, or you just need to call on the professionals for help, get in touch! We'll get you back on track.

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