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How You Can Repurpose Your Existing Content

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Coming up with new ideas for engaging content can be a challenge, especially when you're running low on time. So why not use your existing content in a new way? It might sound like you'd just be rehashing the same old content, but with all the effort you put into creating it in the first place, it's important not to let it go to waste.

Give older content new updates

Even if it's a few years old, there's always something new that can be done to your existing content. It might have been a while since you read over any of it, so go through it again. It'll likely spark some new subtopic ideas and you'll quickly pick up on any updates that you need to make.

Your audience has likely grown a lot since you first released your existing content, so you'll have new pairs of eyes to engage. Even if your audience has read it before, re-sharing it with relevant and topical tweaks will have them none-the-wiser!

If there's information that's outdated, edit it to reflect the changes. If there's been some new research or statistics in that area, add them in. Not only will this allow you to keep the bulk of your previous writing efforts, but you'll also be able to demonstrate that you're well-across any developments in your industry.

Reshare high performing content

Look back through your reporting to see which content was most popular at the time you posted it. This will give you a good indication of what your audience is most interested in - if it was engaging to them once, it's likely to be again. As we mentioned before, make sure it's been updated with any new information, or choose a subtopic that's relevant and link back to your original piece for context.

To save you time but still build engagement, you can even include existing content in a series that you can re-share. It could be 'Our most-read articles of 2022,' or similar. You'll be surprised at how many people will get FOMO and want to take a look again to be sure they didn't miss anything!

Make use of other formats

No matter what the format of your original content piece was, there are so many great mediums that can also be used for maximum engagement. Could a blog you wrote be repurposed as a podcast? Could a podcast you created be made into a TikTok video?

It's likely that new forms of social media have been established since you created your piece of content, so make sure you've used it to its full potential in those spaces too. It just takes a little bit of creativity to discover how valuable one piece of content can be.

When it comes to content ideas, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Save yourself valuable time and maximize any content you create by refreshing, resharing, and repurposing it - you'll be able to increase your engagement without needing a brand-new idea every week. If you want help to get the most out of your content, let's chat!