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Instagram Rolls Out Their New Full-Screen Home Feed

In a bid to take on the social media behemoth that is TikTok, a few of the other social platforms are seriously rethinking their approach. Instagram in particular has just released a brand new full-screen Home feed that's giving us major TikTok vibes. They’re rolling out this new display to users as we speak, but what does it mean for the future of content? Let's take a closer look.


The Reel MVP

Given the success of TikTok and video content in general, it looks like Instagram is prioritising Reels, building a new content feed that aligns with this format. A bigger source of revenue than Reels, Stories are still where they've always been on the platform, but the main feed is feeling more immersive, making video very front and centre.


Open to suggestion

Another key feature of Instagram's new video-focused layout is the recommended content. Similar to TikTok, there'll be a stream of suggested video content that appears for users, with the aim of increasing engagement with similar video content.


Swipe right

In another move very reminiscent of TikTok, Instagram is also introducing a swipe function - users simply need to swipe up to skip to the next post. This action is designed to create a streamlined user experience, but it does seem like a bit of a TikTok rip-off…


Sweeping up the static

With this new focus on video, does static content have a place in your feed going forward? It does, although you'll need to get the sizing right. Static posts within profiles are also now displaying in full screen, which looks a bit strange if the post isn't formatted correctly. Instagram have said that static image posts from your following and favourites list will still be available under dedicated tabs, but we'll definitely be seeing a lot less of the usual square style in the Home feed.


Time to strategise

It’s pretty clear to see where the future of Instagram is heading, and central to your success on this platform is Reels. To ensure your content isn't going to waste, it's essential that you make Reels a key part of your Instagram content strategy. That doesn't mean that you'll need to hire a full-on video production team, but you will need to get a bit creative with your content.


Being able to pivot in times of change is what it's all about in the social media space, so if these changes have you feeling a bit apprehensive, let's sit down and talk it out. Because social content is what we do, we can help you build engagement and get your Instagram content strategy right from the get-go. Let's get coffee sometime!


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