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CocoMaNuts and Socialike Launch "Totally Spoonable" Campaign

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CocoMaNuts have launched their new marketing campaign "Totally Spoonable” to promote their Wellington made coconut nut butters to a broader audience.

The brainchild of marketing agency Socialike, the campaign will run on Instagram and feature a bold mix of graphics, imagery, and animation.

Highlighting that the coconut nut butters are 100% natural and made from quality coconut and nuts. The work shows the fun side of the CocoMaNuts brand. 

Socialike Chief Socialiser Alex Ford says, “CocoMaNuts have a unique product that combines real coconut with either peanut, almond or cashew. The end result is a tasty product that we think many Kiwis who are keen to support local will love.

“Totally Spoonable is a play on just how tasty CocoMaNuts coconut nut butter is. CocoMaNuts often get feedback that people love the coconut nut butter so much they eat it on a spoon straight from the jar. We wanted to communicate that to the audience in a fun, light-hearted fashion.

“The CocoMaNuts brand is vibrant and full of life. We knew that animation was always going to be an important and creative way to communicate that vibrant energy. We worked with Fox & Co. for the animation in the campaign and we're very pleased with the results.

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CocoMaNuts CEO Mel McKinney says, “Purchasing CocoMaNuts during the 2020 lockdown, I saw huge potential for the brand. To achieve this, we partnered with Socialike to help take CocoMaNuts to the next phase of global coconut nut butter domination.

“At Socialike, we’re invested in the success of our customers. That’s why we partner with them at every step of the way - from strategy to execution. This partnership with CocoMaNuts has been extremely fun for us, and we’re really happy with the results.”

This creative initiative will be an ongoing project for CocoMaNuts that will explore different ways of communicating its brand message to reach a broader audience.



Client: CocoMaNuts

Agency: Socialike

Animation: Fox & Co.