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8 of the Most Common Marketing Myths

You might have heard some crazy things about marketing. It's too expensive, it's not worth it, products will just sell themselves...But what should you believe? We're here to bust some of the most common marketing myths.


Marketing Myth #1: Influencers Are the Key To Your Business Success

Because of a growing demand for authentic and meaningful content, audiences are starting to become critical of posts that seem just a little bit too fake, or cookie-cutter. There's also now more of an awareness that most influencers are paid or gifted the products they're showcasing, making it less likely to be a truly authentic endorsement. So no, you don't need influencers to be successful in your marketing goals.


Marketing Myth #2: Small Businesses Shouldn't Spend Time (Or Money) On Marketing

Just because small businesses don't tend to have the budget or the resources that bigger companies do, it doesn't mean that marketing is a waste of time or money. It just means that it needs to be done right, by someone who understands how small businesses operate. The right marketing team can take the budget you have and decide where it's best used to maximise your goals.


Marketing Myth #3: Marketing Can Be Done By Anyone

Although you might like to believe this one's true, marketing is best left to the professionals. To get results, you need a well-thought-out plan and some consistency and dedication. Most business owners just don't have the time for this, so delegating to the professionals is the best way to reach your goals without throwing money and time down the drain.


Marketing Myth #4: Quality Products And Services Will Sell Themselves

This one is possibly one of the most common myths, but it's false. The market is absolutely saturated with products, so you need to be able to stand out. How do you do that? By getting your marketing right. People can't buy your product or engage your service if they don't know about it, right?


Marketing Myth #5: Word Of Mouth Marketing Is All You Need

Word of mouth marketing does have its place, but it's definitely not all you need to be successful. You can't guarantee that someone who buys your product or uses your service will go on to tell their friends about it, even if they loved it!


Marketing Myth #6: You Only Need To Focus On Social Media

Social media is powerful, but it's not a standalone way to increase sales. You might generate a lot of traffic to your website, but if your website is dated, or takes too long to load, you'll lose all your hard work. You'll be more likely to meet your sales goals when your various marketing platforms work together in harmony.


Marketing Myth #7: Writing Quality Content Is Enough

Quality content is essential in your marketing efforts, but again, it's not enough on its own. People need to know your content is out there, and they need to be able to easily engage with it, otherwise it'll stagnate, no matter how fantastic it is.


Marketing Myth #8: You Don't Need A Website

This one baffles us a little. Yes, certain social media sites have built-in shopping platforms, but they're nowhere near what you need to succeed as a business. With these kinds of platforms, you don't own the audience or the content, and if their site goes down (*cough* Facebook *cough*), you're stuck. Not only does a website provide a platform from which to sell your product or service, but it also gives you valuable credibility with potential buyers, and enables you to get your unique branding out there.



Did we bust any of the myths you thought were true? If something surprised you, or you don't agree, let us know! We love to chat all things marketing so let's get a coffee and indulge in a bit of healthy debate.


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