About Socialike

About Socialike


We believe Socialike's success is inextricably linked to the success of its customers. Our daily mission is to make your marketing better by attracting, engaging and delighting your customers using inbound marketing.


Our vision is to be globally recognised as a leading inbound marketing partner that’s known for getting results. Our talented, experienced and motivated team build strong long term relationships with customers that empower them and help them grow their business.


Create Empowering Experiences
Don't be bound by convention
Always be learning. Never be an expert
Do good be good
Be better together

Socialike Story

Our story starts in a city where making a good impression is a must - Los Angeles.While based there, our Chief Socialiser, Alex noticed how marketers were doing things differently, a much bigger market meant that knowing how to make an impression mattered. If you didn’t know exactly what your customers wanted and how to communicate that with them, then it wasn’t long before you were forgotten.

However, often people worked with marketing agencies and didn’t feel they got results. They wanted to stand out and paid good money to help them do so. But they’d be left feeling like they didn’t get much in return.

Alex decided it was time to create something different to traditional marketing agencies, where there wasn’t an ego and the customer was the centre.

Starting at a kitchen counter back in New Zealand, Socialike first got its name helping people with their social media marketing. However, it soon became apparent that people didn’t need help with social media specifically - what they really needed was help with marketing so they could grow. To do this, people needed help creating a customer for life by attracting, engaging and delighting them, which is how Socialike in its current form was born.

About Socialike - Story

How We Work

We’re not a marketing agency, we’re Socialike. We say this because we’re unique with how we work. At the heart of what we do there’s one word - partnership.

Why? Because we’re an extension of your team rather than an outsider. We work best with people committed to putting in a dedicated effort with us to get results over the long term.

We also use the word partner to signify how we view what we do. We like to share knowledge rather than call ourselves experts. We know lots about inbound marketing but also know that what works best is constantly changing. We’re always learning but never an expert.

When we work with you, we want to empower you - not intimidate you with our knowledge.  So although we’re honest and transparent, we’ll never leave you feeling like you don’t know what we’re talking about. Or that we’re too cool. Or that you’re the last thing on our mind. We’re better together.

That’s why we’re focussed on doing good and being good. Our best work happens when we treat others well. If we’ve said we’d do something and it doesn’t go to plan, we’ll put it right. Our success is your success, which is how any good partnership should be.

About Socialike

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We’re the opposite of sales.

Let’s have a chat to see if we’d be a good fit to help you grow. No obligations. No sales pitches. Just a simple human conversation.